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ARP product expansion with additional Screw-In type

July 28. 2016

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce an ARP product expansion with additional Screw-In (inch) type cutters

Technical Information:
  • A total of 4 new ARP Screw-In (inch) cutters.
  • APR5, 1.00" diameter with 3 teeth.
  • ARP5, 1.25" diameter with 4 teeth.
  • ARP6, 1.25" diameter with 3 teeth.
  • ARP6, 1.50" diameter with 4 teeth.
  • High accuracy for efficient machining and increased tool life.
  • Strong clamping system.
  • Wide seating face and two side faces to prevent inserts from moving.
  • Inserts in MC7020 grade for excellent wear chipping and thermal crack resistance.
  • Inserts in MP7100 & MP9100 grades for high hardness.
  • Features L, M & R chipbreakers for different cutting conditions.

Applications to Target:
  • Aerospace - Turbine Blades.
  • Stainless steel applications.
  • Titanium alloy & Inconel work piece.
  • Coolant through for optimized chip flow and low cutting resistance.
  • Easy indexing, without removing the screw.
  • Highly accurate seating because of wide seating face and side faces.
Product available on
  • July 28. 2016

Download the PDF file