Series Expansion - CVD Diamond Coated End Mill Series for Graphite DF End Mill Series

December 19, 2016

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Advanced Materials & Tools Company (Presidet - Fumio Tsurumaki, Headquarters: 1-3-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has added an end mill for finishing to the CVD diamond coated DF end mill series.

The DF end mill series exhibits excellent resistant to wear when machining graphite, zirconia and composite materials through the adoption of a diamond coating with high crystalline content.
To expand the options available to customers, a new type, DF2XLBF ball nose end mill for finishing will be added to the DF series.

Features of DF2XLBF - DF end mill series

1.Adoption of a diamond coating with high crystalline content optimized for graphite milling delivers excellent wear resistance and achieves a long, stable tool life when machining graphite.

2.The improved end geometry provides increased sharpness and ensures a smooth surface finish.

3.Corner radius and ball nose end mills adopt a seamless blend between radius and peripheral cutting edges, thereby ensuring an excellent wall accuracy and smooth surface finish.

Product name DF2XLBF - CVD diamond coated end mills for graphite
Number of items 0.3R~1.5R (diameter 0.6 mm~3 mm) 8 items
Release September 9th 2016
Product name
DF2XLBFR0030N100 17,500 yen (18,900 yen including tax)
DF2XLBFR0100N200 17,500 yen (18,900 yen including tax)
DF2XLBFR0150N200 25,500 yen (27,000 yen including tax)

Product Features

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