Series Expansion – Long Edge Insert Added to the FMAX High Feed Finish Milling Cutter Series

November 14, 2018

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Advanced Materials & Tools Company (President – Shinichi Nakamura, Headquarters: Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) has added a long edge insert to the FMAX high feed finish milling cutter for aluminium alloys.

A special alloy steel and aluminium body in the FMAX cutter combine to provide high rigidity and light weight. FMAX offers super efficient machining through the adoption of an ultra fine pitch tooth design. This helps to achieve high efficiency machining of F≧20m/min. (Tool diameter 125mm, 24 teeth, when machining a non-ferrous metal such as aluminium alloy.) FMAX delivers extreme efficiencies and is especially effective for high feed machining of automotive parts.

A new long edge insert, which is capable of finish machining of castings with a gate, has now been added to the FMAX to expand its coverage over a wider range of workpiece materials and applications.

Features of the long edge insert for FMAX

1. The long edge insert is capable of finish machining of castings with a gate. This makes it is possible to reduce the number of passes, thereby shortening the cycle time.

2. An MD220 grade is used that prevents burr formation and achieves a longer tool life due to the excellent fracture resistance of the cutting edge.

Product name Long edge insert for the FMAX high feed finish milling cutter.
Item Sintered diamond grade, MD220; 1 item
Release October 1st, 2018
Standard price
GOER1408PXFR2-8 MD220 9,800 yen (10,584 yen including tax)

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