Business correspondence information for Coronavirus COVID-19 in Japan

April 21, 2020

1. Production
Our production sites in Japan and overseas are working on the operation with safe first, based on directions of each government where they are in.
Plants in Japan are making products as well as usual with no interruptions. Plants in overseas don't almost have problems except a few plants.
Products which can not be made in that plant have already shifted to making in Japan plants.
So we have no affect for providing that products.

2. Shipping
All distribute centers are working ordinary.
But, in near future,if we have problems (ex reducing flights and so on), it will be possible that deliveries are delayed.

3. Sales
From 20th April 2020, all sales work from home.
If you have needs for contact to our sales, we would like you to do by e-mail or tel.
We can take orders via FAX or e-mail as usual.

We appreciate you will accept your inconviniences,If we will take the other action, we would like to update the information on this site.

Sales Offices

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