Boring Tool

QB4000 Type (Side Clamp Type)



1. Tightening the clamp bolt (or clamp nut) draws the clamp washer in and securely holds the boring head.
2. The clamp washer has mounting teeth at the end. Turning the clamp washer 45° enables installation and detachment of the boring head.
3. Both 1/5 taper and cutter locating faces support the boring head. Thus, clamp rigidity and installation repeatability accuracy are high (2─3µm).
4. A side clamp structure is employed. Thus, a spindle turning stopper is unnecessary. This structure prevents the boring head from falling free.
5. Insert location close to the adapter body allows for convenient head exchange.
6. Suitable for a wide range of boring, from small to large diameters.
7. Head exchange time is less than 1 min.


Installation Standard

Installation Standard
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