Side Cutter

QC Type Adapter for Pin Milling Cutter

•Cutter Body


•Adapter Body



1. Makes installation of Pin millng cutter easy, quick, and accurate.
2. Clamping the entire periphery of the cutter body improves rigidity and lateral run-out of the cutting edges.
3. Facilitates stable heavy cutting such as counter weight cutting and prevents sudden insert fracture.

QS2000 (Installation Method for Side Cutter)


QS2000 QS2000


1. Turning the bolt a few times turns nut 45°and enables installation and detachment of the cutter.
2. Installation and detachment of the cutter is possible without taking the bolt and nut off the adapter.
3. The cutter is a solid type. Thus, the rigidity is high.
4. Cutter exchange time is less than 1 min.

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