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GY Series Expansion

June 11. 2014

New Ground MF Grooving Insert.

GY MF breaker
Technical Information:
  • One insert can perform internal, external and face grooving applications.
  • Offered in four grades for a wide variety of materials.
  • Excellent chip control as compared to a molded insert.
  • Efficient chip control when cross-feed machining.
  • Widths to handle ranges from .079 inch/ 2 mm to .250 inch / 6 mm.

Applications to Target:
  • Grooving applications when chip control becomes an issue.
  • Snap ring groove applications with special width dimensions.
  • Where multiple inserts are needed for external, internal and face grooving.
  • Gummy materials where breaking chips are a problem.
  • Any grooving application where you require improved surface finish.
  • MF gives excellent surface finish compared to M class insert.
  • Ground design for better chip control than M class inserts.
  • MF design works for internal, external and face grooving applications with one insert.
  • MF design offered in 4 grades: uncoated RT9010, uncoated cermet NX2525, and PVD coated grades VP10RT and VP20RT for a wide variety of grooving applications.
  • Width ranges from 2mm / .079 inch to 6 mm / .250 inch for your grooving needs.
Product available on
  • May 29, 2014

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