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GY Series Expansion

June 11. 2014

For Swiss Style Machines with widths from 1.5 mm through 3.24 mm / .059 inch through .128 inch.

GY for swiss style lathes
Technical Information:
  • External grooving for Swiss Style Lathes with zero offset for part accuracy.
  • Mono block design offered in inch and metric sizes for a wide variety of applications.
  • Holders offered with various groove depths to optimize productivity.
  • Inserts offered in a wide variety of grades, widths and edge preparations.
  • Molded and ground inserts for the most demanding manufacturing needs.

Applications to Target:
  • Swiss style machines for doing grooving applications.
  • Swiss style machines for cutoff applications.
  • Swiss machines that are wanting to maximize productivity.
  • Applications where current tool offerings are having difficulty.
  • Where you want to utilize grades and edge preparations to optimize performance.
  • GY offers a wide variety of inserts for optimum manufacturing.
  • Ground and molded inserts for different materials and applications.
  • Variable cut off and groove depths for a ridged set up and performance.
  • Existing products can be used for Swiss machine applications.
  • New MF breaker design for excellent chip control.
Product available on
  • May 29, 2014

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