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MC5000 Series Grades for Cast Iron Turning

June 4. 2014
MC5000 series grade for cast iron turning
Technical Information:
  • New coatings for increased surface speeds.
  • New chip breakers to increase productivity and chip control.
  • Extra thick Al2O3 coating layer for increased tool life.
  • Nano-Texture coating technology gives outstanding wear and chipping resistance.
  • TOUGH-Grip Technology for superior adhesion between coating layers.

Applications to Target:
  • Applications where ceramics were applied at accelerated surface speeds.
  • All cast Iron and ISO-K applications.
  • Applications where toughness and wear resistance are needed.
  • Continuous and interrupted cast iron applications.
  • New ISO-K grade of MC5005 for more wear resistant applications.
  • New ISO-K grade of MC5015 for severe and interrupted applications.
  • Newly released LK chip breaker with sharp cutting edge and low cutting resistance.
  • Newly released MK chip breaker optimizes balance between sharpness and edge strength for general purpose machining.
  • Newly released RK chip breaker provides a stable cutting edge for interrupted machining.
Product available on
  • May 29, 2014

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