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ISO-S 9000 Series Grades for Difficult to Cut Materials

June 4. 2014
9000 series grades for difficult to cut materials
Technical Information:
  • ISO-S PVD grades MP9005, MP9015 and uncoated MT9015 for difficult to cut materials.
  • MP9005 and MP9015 High Al-rich (Al,Ti)N single layer coating technology improves crater resistance and welding resistance.
  • New negative style insert chip breakers LS, MS and RS for maximum efficiency of new grades.
  • LS for stable applications, MS for general applications and RS for unstable applications.

Applications to Target:
  • Turning applications when machining high temperature alloys.
  • Machining Titanium Alloy materials.
  • Machining Nickel Based-Heat Resistant Alloys, Inconel, Hastelloy, and Waspaloy alloys.
  • High temperature alloy applications where chip control and tool life are critical.
  • Newly developed ISO-S PVD grade MP9005 focusing on wear resistance.
  • Newly developed ISO-S PVD grade MP9015 first recommendation for general applications.
  • Newly developed ISO-S uncoated grade MT9015, sharp cutting edge for general applications.
  • LS, MS and RS chip breakers to maximize performance of MP9005, MP9015 and MT9015.
Product available on
  • May 29, 2014

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