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AHX640W MK/HK Breaker PVD Expansion

May 22. 2015

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce the AHX640W MK/HK Breaker PVD Expansion.

Technical Information:
  • MK & HK Breaker in VP15TF & VP20RT grades.
  • MK breaker for general purpose with low cutting resistance applications.
  • HK breaker with high strength cutting edge for unstable machining.
  • Economical heptagonal double sided insert.

Applications to Target:
  • New VP15TF & VP20RT tough grades for ductile iron machining providing chipping resistance.
  • VP15TF & VP20RT for greater tool life.
  • VP grades provide excellent chipping resistance when machining ductile cast iron in case of severe interrupted cutting and wet cutting.
  • The inserts base material ultrafine particles of WC cemented carbide can provide stable machining with a good balance of high wear and fracture resistance.
  • (Al, Ti) N “Miracle coating” features excellent adhesion strength to base material providing stable cutting, excellent heat resistance and oxidation resistance.
  • Unique 14 corner double sided insert.
Product available on
  • April 30, 2015

Download the PDF file