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iMX End Mill Series

May 22. 2015

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to introduce the iMX Oversize Head Type End Mill to our line of Exchangeable Head End Mills.

iMX End Mill Series
Technical Information:
  • The iMX series is a revolutionary end mill system featuring high efficiency, accuracy and rigidity.
  • The iMX series introduces the world’s first *carbide + carbide double face contact type connection.
  • The iMX offers a wide range of head geometries, corner radii, square head, 3 & 4 flute.
  • The iMX oversize head type end mill features a head diameter larger than the holder.

Applications to Target:
  • Aerospace, Medical, Oil & Gas and Automotive Industries.
  • Stainless Steel, High Temperature Alloys, Titanium Alloys, Carbon and Alloy Steels.
  • iMX for shoulder milling, side milling, slotting, plunging and long overhang situations.
  • The “Oversize” head diameter type, head being larger than the holder, enables greater depths of cut. Also, it features a curved edge that allows deep faces to be finished in steps, minimizes the blend mark between steps, and provides a good surface finish.
  • Combines the advantages of both solid carbide and indexable end mills.
  • Carbide to carbide clamping faces provides rigidity close to that of a solid type end mill.
  • Excellent for reduced inventory over a variety of applications.
Product available on
  • May 7, 2015

Download the PDF file