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MC6035 for steel turning

May 13. 2016

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce MC6035, a new CVD grade in the 6000 series for steel turning.

Technical Information:
  • A total of 166 negative style inserts.
  • The new tough coating layer reduces stress cracks during interrupted cutting.
  • Excellent fracture resistance provides increased stability.
  • Smooth coating surface provides excellent welding resistance.
  • Thickened TiCN provides superior wear resistance for increased stability.

Applications to Target:
  • Carbon & alloy steels.
  • For interrupted cutting in low to medium surface speeds.
  • Reduced tensile stress prevents cracks that develop from impact stress during interrupted cutting.
  • Improved surface finish and welding resistance increasing tool life.
Product available on
  • Apr 27. 2016

Download the PDF file