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SRM series insert expansion

March 7. 2016

Mitsubishi Materials is proud to announce our SRM series insert expansion.

  • PVD insert grade expansion MP6120 for steel.
  • PVD insert grade expansion MP9120 for titanium and heat-resistant materials.
  • 28 items for SRM Inch product.
  • 40 items for SRM Metric product.

Technical Information:
  • Ball-nose end mill for rough to semi-finish machining.
  • TOUGH-Σ Technology.
  • A fusion of the separate coating technologies; PVD and multi-layering provides extra toughness.
  • MP6120 is tough and resists chipping.
  • MP9120 is tough and resists thermal cracking.
Applications to Target:
  • SRM applications offer you the strength of a large radius insert and the ability to penetrate hard to reach cavities.
  • Ball-nose end mill for rough to semi-finish machining.
  • MP6120 ideal for Die & Mold.
  • MP9120 ideal for medical and aerospace applications.
  • Highly rigid large insert thickness guards against fracture.
  • PVD multi-layer coating with TOUGH-Σ Technology.
  • Provides a low coefficient of friction and toughness properties.
  • Exceptional resistance to wear and chip welding.
Product available on
  • February 25. 2016

Download the PDF file